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Default First book for Dolby Atmos

Mixing in Dolby Atmos now seems to catch on in music production outside the film world with lots of questions and confusion about this new format.
I realized that there was no official book about Dolby Atmos, lots of scattered information on the Internet but not a real book explaining the topic and the software application. So I decided to write a comprehensive book in my "Graphically Enhanced Manuals" series that I just released "Mixing in Dolby Atmos - #1 How it Works".

With lots of unique diagrams and graphics I explain on 284 pages the Dolby Atmos Renderer application in great detail but also the Dolby Atmos eco-system, new file formats, and new workflows and considerations about mixing and mastering in this new format.

More information about my book (available as pdf, iBook, Kindle, and printed book) on my website with many screenshots to check it out.

Hope you enjoy it
Edgar Rothermich
Author of "Pro Tools 2020 - How it Works"
from the Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM) series
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