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Default Re: Recording live show w/ Venue-PT record chase time code

I would ask this question in the Facebook "AVID S6L Experts" forum. Most of the guys that do this on a daily basis peruse that forum daily.

That being said, what I would try if you're trying to receive SMPTE, lock the desk to it sample accurately, AND record it into PT is to use your SYNC HD as a clock Master. Get your SMPTE feed from the lighting and video guys into your Sync HD. Run Word Clock out of the Sync HD to the Word Clock IN of the E6L engine, This will give you sample accurate sync to the incoming SMPTE stream. Then send the LTC Out of the Sync HD to a splitter that would send LTC to both the back of the S6L surface AND to a Stage Rack input. This will allow the desk to lock to SMPTE and give you a recordable SMPTE stream INTO your PT session all at the same time.

Again, if the above doesn't work, then I would hit up the "AVID S6L Experts" forum. Good luck and let us know if this solution works.
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