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Default Re: MTRX/DADMAN output to multiple Spkr Outputs simultaneously with same stereo sourc

Originally Posted by creativecontrol View Post
BScout has the exact idea. Here's what I would do:


Thanks! I extrapolated from your example and got it working - it requires selecting a speaker set and then a folddown config. Using my little virtual Mom, I have those two buttons mapped to MIDI notes and via Keyboard Maestro can trigger it from one button on a Streamdeck. Very nice and super easy to set up!

I note several people saying that using two sets of speakers this way probably sounds bad... you are probably right. Anecdotally, this particular setup sounds awesome in my room... but again, haha, you are probably right. I'll do a bit more A/B'ing.

My nickname for the virtual MOM device is StepMOM. It does work very well... and it doesn't require a physical MOM. It shows up as a MOM in DADMan and I simply mapped the buttons to MIDI notes - it will listen to whatever MIDI controller you put in the config file. I am not sure what I will do with it... TBD!

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