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Default New track I recorded yesterday

I started a new track last sunday, and ended up re-recording everything last night. The artist's name is Sarah Schupbach. She wrote the song, and performed everything on this track right now. It's just acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and lead vocals. some friends of mine will record bass and drums soon, and I need to mix in the background vocals.

Here's the track:

Acoustic guitar was recorded with an Audio Technica AT4033 and a Shure SM57 in an XY pattern, with the AT4033 facing the soundhole and the SM57 facing the neck. Vocals are recorded with the AT4033, and electric guitar went direct in with a Line6 POD. Everything went direct to my MBOX and into my rev.B 1Ghz 12" PowerBook. This rough mix was mixed on my dual 1.25 G4.

I recorded it all in my living room of my apartment, with blankets taped up all over for sound deadening.

The acoustic is a Martin guitar, I don't know the model. The electric guitar is mine, it's a Samick Torino TR-1.

Any critiques, comments?
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