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Default Re: Mbox Pro 3 unsupported Device on Macbook Pro (i tried everything! please help!!!!

More info:

the mbox tooks a little bit more time to turn on since 6 months ago. I remember in the beginning it was like 5 seconds for the lights to appear, now it's like 20 seconds.

- the power blue light it's always stable. The same happens with the green speaker light.

- when i turn the speaker to the orange light there's sound out of the mbox. I mean, i have 4 synths on the channels 1 to 4, the strange thing is that:
the channel 1 plays at the left side
the channel 2 plays at the right side
the channel 3 at the left &
the 4 at the right

Please give me some more ideas to fix this great soundcard!
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