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Default Mbox Pro 3 unsupported Device on Macbook Pro (i tried everything! please help!!!!)

Hi there!

I'm the proud owner of a avid mbox pro 3 since november 2011. Yesterday when i was into a 1 more normal day in the studio, turned on the Mbox Pro all looked ok but my macbook pro canīt recognized the audiocard.

1. I re-installed the pro tools 8.0.5 + the latest drivers - No success

2. I reseted the pram & the svc on the macbook - no success

3. I clean all my drive & re-installed the OSX Snow Leopard + pro tools 8 + latest drivers - no success.

4. I bought a thunderbold to firewire adaptor, just to see if the computer founds the mbox but it canīt.

I disconnected & connected all the cables several times - nothing happened.

Id checked my firewire port with an external drive & everything looks fine. There's nothing wrong with the firewire port.

The core audio can't identify the mbox. Says "HW not found".

I don't know what to do more.

Can i have some help? What do you guys recommend?


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