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Default Re: New Sound FX Library!

New HISSandaROAR sound library PIPE REZ is now released!

22GB of 24/192 resonant pipes x swords, octave set of orchestral tubular bells
& tuned aluminum pipes - shing & clank galore!

It must also be one of the worst kept sound design secrets that resonant pipes are invaluable source material
for sword sound FX design, so when a full octave set of Orchestral Tubular Bells became available we started
exploring their capabailities, along with a set of tuned alumium pipes.

Next we put together a collection of industrial pipes and captured a range of characterful complex metal impacts,
sword hits and scrapes, as well as chime and bell like sustaining tones (along with damped articulations)
that range from deep tolling bells through sweet harmonics to dissonance.

Early Bird Discount expires Feb 16th!

Check out the Making Of video:
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