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Default Pro Tools sudden "missing iLok" message when connected external USB devices.

This is not very often but still occurring bug when I connect my Sony PCM-D1 recorder to the USB port in front of my Mac Pro tower.
Pro Tools will pop up the message, offering to save or quit.
I understand that PT is always looking for the iLok connected to machine, but it should be something more forgiving to let some devices to be connected to machine. May be they suck to much power of USB bus thus short dropouts may take place.
Avid I don't know if I am technically right but please do something with it.
BTW: my Sound Miner v4Pro dongle doesn't go down when this happens to PT. And they are both connected to the same USB hub behind the machine.
Neither keyboard stop working - just the iLok. And the green light is on.
My iLok is in perfect condition, 1-st generation, green one.

Anyone else have seen this?
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