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Default Re: 003 freeze ups? What could be wrong?

Hmmm, at this point, I am less suspect about the 003, so its time to post full system specs. A Sandra Lite report as described in the Help Us Help You link(near the top of the page) makes the most sense. Here are some things to consider:
1-is this computer connected to the internet? Win 7 is not very secure and you could easily have a virus, trojan or other malware on the system. There are lots of free programs to clean the system(not sure if Win 7 will be a stumbling block) and if you do choose to run some ant-BS software, once it reports a clean system, I would uninstall those programs(so they don't run in the background).
2-Mouse and graphics drivers might need an update. If graphics are nVidia, get the driver from the nVidia site instead of the card-maker's site.
3-Any new plugins installed? Any recent software or other updates(even if NOT for PT)?
4-Do you have any drive images so you could restore the computer to an earlier time when things were working well?
5-how beefy is the PSU in the PC? These days, I won't use anything under 700 watts(under-current can cause a lot of weird behavior).
6-Trying another FW card might be worth a try, but it might just be chasing your tail with out-dated technology.
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