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Default 003 freeze ups? What could be wrong?

Im experiencing something which happened suddenly, about 2 weeks ago. I get my session up, everything seems to be working, when after 2 or 3 minutes, the on screen console freezes still, all sound goes off to silent, but the counter is still moving. The 003 console then goes to 'Offline" with my firewire light blinking. When I go into playback engine and switch from 4g to 5g, or 5g to 4g, it comes back on, diaolog returns to 003 screen, whereupon the same thing happens again after 2 or 3 minutes, and i go into playback engine and move it again, back to 4g, or 5g vice versa. Any clues as to whats happening? I uninstalled pace, ilok, Protools and 003 drivers, then reinstalled them all fresh. No change.
Any ideas?

Using PC windows 7, 64b, protools 10.3, using Digidesign 003 console. Plugins are working.
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