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Default Grr.. Link Timeline Edit Track Edit Timeline Selection confusion

Remember how you used to be able to playback in Pro Tools and make edits while the music was playing back continuously? I've either changed some setting that I can't figure out or Digi has changed the transport behavior, but I can't seem to be allowed to playback and touch any region, MIDI note, etc without the playhead jumping to where I touch.

Yes, if I turn off Link Timeline and Edit Selection I can make edits whilst PT playsback continuously, but then it only plays whatever is selected in the timeline and I can't use the hand or selector tool to pick a new place to start playback from. I have to click up in the timeline to pick a new location for playback with Link Timeline and Edit Selection turned off.

Incidentally, this problem happens with Insertion Follow Playback (aka the "N" button) on or off.

I know I used to be able to play audio and make edits at the same time and then pick new places to start playback without having to click in the actual timeline up top, now I can't. Any idea what I've done to get this behavior?

Any thoughts, ideas, hints, or comments appreciated.
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