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Default Midi HELP needed!!!

Hi folks,

I'm having a terrible time with Pro Tools and midi import/export.

Last week, I selected a midi clip. I renamed the clip and then exported it.
I opened a new session and imported that clip.
Not only did the name get changed to "midi.01" but the midi track was as long as the entire session.

I did the same for another midi track from the original session. Again, name got changed to "midi.02" and when I imported it there were TWO midi tracks: midi.01 AND midi.02"

OK...I'm now confused as heck.

Cut to today when I attempt to do the same thing in a completely different session.
Pro Tools is now importing the midi from LAST WEEK. Not the midi from today.

Can someone out there give me some pointers, please? I know the first rule is that PT and Midi don't get along. That much I learned years ago...

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