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Default Re: How to get rid of the split edit window with midi?

See the "What's New in LE and MP 8.0.pdf", which should be in your Documentation folder for Pro Tools. Short answer is this in Chapter 4:
MIDI Editor in the Edit Window
You can also choose to show (or hide) a MIDI Editor pane at the bottom of the Edit window (below the Tracks pane).

To show (or hide) the MIDI Editor view in the Edit window, do one of the following:
  • Select (or deselect) View > Other Displays > MIDI Editor.
  • Click the MIDI Editor Show/Hide icon in the lower left corner of the Tracks pane in the Edit window.
  • Double-click the divider below the Tracks pane in the Edit window.
  • From the Edit Window menu, select (or deselect) MIDI Editor.
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