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Default Using .dsh file

Hi.. I'm a mostly retired FOH sound tech somewhat unfamiliar with the intricacies of using the SC 48 software. I can mix on one with no issues and set one up during soundcheck from the console's surface interface, one channel at a time but find it time consuming. I've downloaded the VENUE software app, latest version I believe, and through mostly trial and error and reading the instruction manual have created a 57 kb .dsh file that I'm hoping to bring into a venue next week to save setup time during soundcheck.

I created a 22 channel mix, set up basic parameters like HPF, EQ, O/P, Dynamics, channel names but not any house/mon EQ, FX or aux sends which I would like to leave up to the existing setup on the console at the club I'm visiting... I've used these before and like them so I don't want to change them and need his aux/fx/mon sends as they exist.

I believe the .dsh file I set up has only the things I want but am not sure if that file will be useable when I get to the club. I only want to save the parameters I've created but leave all the other things in the house console as default. Hope that's clear. See the attached pic for the parameters I believe I've saved on the file. Will this do what I'm hoping it will? And I hope this question is clear.

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