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Default Re: How to copy a project

Hmmm, I'm on the regular version so things may be different, but... First off, stop creating "Projects" and start creating and working with "Sessions". As I understand it, a project lives in the cloud(not where I want my files)and a session lives on your local hard drive. With any session, I can go to the File menu and choose "Save Copy"(which allows me to save a copy of my session, which is smart and I can back up my session to another drive). From that same menu, I can also choose "Save as Template", which I believe is what you want.

Go to youtube and search for using templates in pro tools and see if you can find some tutorials. If you're serious about recording AND you want to stick with Pro Tools, I would move to the full version as PT First is extremely limited If your budget doesn't allow for this, then check out Reaper. Its a very capable DAW program that is free to try and cheap to buy
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