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Default Re: Can't export clips as individual files

The clip must be selected in the clip list. There are 3 reasons why this *might* be happening.

1. You did a search in the clip list and did not clear that search. This results in not having the clip selected in the clip list because it is not visually selected. Shortcut for find and clear are as follows CTRL + Shift + F and CTRL + Shift + D. Mac substitutes CTRL for CMD

2. You are trying to export a track that was made using the Commit Function. I do believe that this is a bug. The work around is to consolidate the clips and then export. You can do this quickly by using Audiosuite EQ1. Change no parameters but choose Clip by Clip and Entire Selection as the way to process the files

3. You have deselected the preference "Clip List Selection Follows Edit Selection"

My guess it that it's #2
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