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Default ProTools for NT to early?

I've read thru all the messages and I think I know the reason why a few things are

ProTools for NT is coming to early...

1) For those working with Audio & Midi NT 4.0 is definitly not the right
OS. Where are the Midi drivers for interfaces like Opcode and Motu?
2) Steinberg & Emagic are going to release NT-Version of their audio sequencers in 1999 - but certainly not under NT 4.0...
3) Digidesign system requirements for ProTools on NT mentions an AGP
graphics card (probably to keep graphics action away from the PCI Bus). As
far as I know AGP is not supported by NT 4.0
4) Finally: Why releasing an audio workstation for NT right now?

To me the answer is: Everything is going to work out fine with Microsoft's
release of Windows NT 5.0. This OS will be a proper workaround for those
who are into multimedia, music etc. Maybe we will have to wait for the
summer of '99 until ProTools for NT (5.0) becomes a serious choice.

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