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Default Re: Record to internal drive?

Originally Posted by Ben Jenssen View Post
Think about it; typical read/write speed of a 7200rpm spinner drive would be around 70Mb/s - my internal on a 2018 mac mini is about 2500Mb/s! And the M1 macs even faster. It means alot to the performance. Everything is faster, startup, launching, copying, backup and so on.

BTW, the search function on this forum sux. Use google instead; like this:
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Just to be pendantic, the speeds that you quote are Bytes not bits - so 2500 MB/s not Mb/s. Makes a difference. 8 times difference.

Network speeds (LAN and WAN) are generally measured in bits, storage transfer rates are usually measured in Bytes.
Just for added confusion, memory transfer rates are also usually quoted in Bytes.

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