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Default Re: Need for an older version of pro tools?

Welcome to the DUC. Not sure if its translation software, but your post is difficult(for me) to understand. If you look near the top of this page, you will see a link called Learn & Support. If you click on it, you can navigate to the compatibility pages where you can see what version of Pro Tools is compatible with the various versions of OSX. Based on the OS versions you mention, I suspect you need NEWER Pro Tools software, and not older. Once you get The Pro Tools version that works with your OS, you may find that the old Mbox Mini is also no longer compatible(it reached the end of support a few years ago).

Avid only sells the most recent version of Pro Tools, but many retailers may have older product in stock, or you can buy almost any version from eBay, the Buy & Sell section here, or some large retailers like GSharp Music or Alto Music. Not sure what kind of issues you may have with buying from the USA, but any major dealer can at least tell you if they can help
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