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Default Re: Brand New S1 and Dock - Confused

Hi -

I have tried this a few times in each mode. I wonder if the software doesn't work as well with some plugs?

Another example of oddities is this, after selecting Custom I can see all of the options to drag into encoders 1-8. A few times I will start by dragging a Low EQ (GAIN) into the top left (encoder 1) then in encoder 2 I will drag the Low Frequency. When I'm done these are actually reversed with the Frequency being on encoder 1 and the Gain on encoder 2.

I'll keep plugging away.

On a side note I give you all the credit in the world for doing what you do. I am not a newbie by any means to engineering but with these control surfaces I am. You've been a fantastic resource and I appreciate it.

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