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Default Re: Brand New S1 and Dock - Confused

EUCON is very deep in its feature set and it does take a while to get all the prefs set for the workflows you want. You are in the right place to ask questions though. Firstly the tablet you drag onto the S1 is the one that you want to be its meter the 12".
Features are a lot dependent on which DAW and version you have? For the knobs on the S1 to control the plugins/sends or pan you have to use the function buttons at the top. These work in two different modes, normal and channel (See the Channel button which is Shift+Flip) In Channel mode all 8 knobs are controlling the same plugin/pan of the Attention track, in normal mode each strip/knob is separate and controlling that track (good for pan L/R). The S1 automatically goes into Channel mode for EQ and DYN Functions but you can manually change it using that Channel button.
Another thing to try is the setting Open Windows on Workstation when knobs assigned from DAW click, this will pit the plugin you clicked on in PT onto whatever is set here. It will also be used to know which plugin to open in PT (The one from the Dock or S1(channel mode knobs))
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