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Default Re: Loss of Playback Engine Mid-Session

I'd could see why the OS may reconnect and appear available while Pro Tools wouldn't without a relaunch. But it doesn't explain why relaunching the app won't see anything but the aggregate I/O.

Points to something else, and yes, I'm suspecting the OWC Thunderbolt 3 dock as everything was running through it. Not sure exactly how to test for it though, to be sure.

Usual playback engines seen are:
PT Playback Normal.jpg

Relaunching after the problem presents produces this:
PT Playback on Relaunch.jpg

Now, if it's the dock, I get why both the interface and the dock might not show upon relaunch. I can't explain the rest missing as they're software/system options. But there you go.

I've been a little suspicious of the Thunderbolt dock after replacing my Mbox 3 Mini with the Clarett, which requires an external power source. Switching the Clarett on, the light on my iLock dongle plugged in the dock would often go out.
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