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Default Re: Loss of Playback Engine Mid-Session

Hey thanks, guys. All good suggestions. Think we might have got it, fingers crossed.

Had a support session with Avid last evening and before that, did a little reworking by plugging the Clarett directly into the computer and moving the cable between the OWC Thunderbolt to different ports on both ends. Nothing worked. Flushed the PRAM a couple times, a couple of full shutdowns, same. Thought about updating the OS to 11.5 but didn't want to muddy the waters with that just yet.

Worked with Avid for about 30 minutes on it when everything suddenly reappeared in the Playback Engine options and I was back in action. Still don't know exactly what it was that changed. Can't quite point to cause and effect.

Avid's best guess at the moment is that it might not be cable or port, but rather something internal to the Thunderbolt hub that was being overloaded. So we're going to watch it for the next week and see if the problem manifests itself again with the new wiring config.

The OWC unit was recommended by Sweetwater when I originally set this up. But I suppose it's possible it's just not keeping up any more.

So, I hesitate to call this solved just yet. I'll let you know.

Any replacement suggestions for the hub, I'm open.

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