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Default Re: Erratic behavior CPU usage at lowest buffer since 2022.6

Thanks for your reply Daryl.

Sorry, don't want to sound smug but as I mentioned in my original post I have used the PT Prefs utility of Pete Gates and what you see in the linked video is with no session open and after ALL 3rd party plugins were removed and the Mac restarted.

I have done all the standard stuff Avid advises and therefore have tested under a new Admin user and unfortunately the situation is the same.

Ignore errors is always off as I want to know if there's an issue.

I am used to being able to record new tracks using a 32 samples buffer in relatively large sessions of 100+ tracks using lots of plugins on a 12 core Mac Pro 6,1.

Already planned to go back to 2022.5 as soon as I have some downtime. Hopefully this weekend. I tested 64 samples buffer and can get away with it for recordings in the smaller than usual sessions this week.

Just wanted to know if there are others that experience this behavior. I remember reading something about troubles with the lowest buffer setting but can't seem to find the thread.

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