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Default Re: Erratic behavior CPU usage at lowest buffer since 2022.6

Good start, but Troubleshoot more. All standard stuff described under "help us help you" on every DUC web page.

Use Pete Gates PT Prefs utility. trash prefs again between trying other things.

Make sure you uncheck ignore errors.

make sure you got all plugins removed. just move every .aaxplugin file out of the plugin folder, trash prefs and restart Pro Tools, it will automagically put back the core plugins.

Test using built in output (or whatever its called on your mac) as the playback engine.

Create a new admin user in macOS and repeat all the tests from that account.

If all that does not help I would rename the current install of Pro Tools and reinstall 2022.5 on your current macOS version and just see how it behaves.

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