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Default Re: Just upgraded to MBA M2 - PT no longer working

Your old Catalina is not even compiled for Apple silicon macs, so it could never run, let alone any typical minimum macOS version support issues.

You need to get Pro Tools upgraded. If your perpetual update/support programme has expired you need to purchase a support reinstatement/upgrade. And you also want to be doing this because the rate of Pro Tools bug/compatibility with Mac releases is very high and you may need those future releases, you also will want to get the future release of Pro Tools with Apple native silicon support.

Do not screw up and buy the wrong product, be sure you read about and understand the difference between buying a subscription, a support/update plan renewal, or a support/update plan reinstatement/upgrade. If you do not understand this then call up a sales rep at a large Avid dealer (like Vintage King) and talk to them live about exactly what you have and your options.
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