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Default Re: First experience with NVMe M.2 in enclosure - bad.

Thanks, Darryl.
One question: don't you think that my experience with the drive ejecting and becoming unusable until refomated is due to something else than overheating?
Just thought I'd ask.

Added: I had the drive copying for more than an hour. I did this several times. It became hot for shure, but worked fine. I let it cool a bit, and with the next copy it failed and ejected. I therefore think it is not the temperature but the size of occupied space. Everytime. one third of the drive space, then crash, eject. Unreadable.

I actually tried HFS+ with four 500gb partitions. I filled up the first partition with 400gb, then started to copy data to the 2nd partition; very soon: crash.

Seems to me thhat it's something to do with data more than temperature.
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