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Originally Posted by JoelG View Post
I'd move on from Firewire personally.

What is your price point?
How many pre's?
What OS version?

I've been happy with my Scarlette 18i20 (1st gen) and still have my old ProFire 2626 connected to it via ADAT for 16 mic pre total.

JoelG thanks for chiming in.

My price point is $2,000.

Yeah I agree to move away from firewire.
Although I do dig my 2010 Mac pro, 128ram and running Opencore with a 8GIG metal card, and benching pretty darn close to the new Mac Pro's that are ridiculously over priced IMO.

It doesn't have to be something over the top, but slightly better that the 003 convertor's. I also run a Digimax FS that I think they are useful for the Pre's.

Mostly use the Presonus ADL600 for full kit overheads that I'm happy with and use a TL Audio PA1 for cleaner stuff on guitars.

I lack on the convertor department, and the pres are doable for now until I get the 828 for drums.

Thank you in advance.
MAC PRO 2010 5,1 3.46hex 128ram - MOJAVE 10.14.6 - PT 2022.7 / 003 CONSOLE / DIGIMAX FS / PCM90 2CHANNEL SPDIF

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