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Default Re: How to Open Pro Tools 10 Session in Pro Tools 2021.7?

Originally Posted by The Dread View Post
Greetings, I am a newbie here although I been here before for advice. I bought PT 9 to 10 free upgrade, and never upgraded. I recently bought an m1 macbook pro and realised I have access to a PT install 2021.6, would my PT 10 perpetual license activate it, or do need to upgrade license (not the support but the software).
Hi Welcome to DUC.

No your Pro Tools 10 perpetual license will not activate any version of Pro Tools later than Pro Tools 10. Pro Tools versions went ... 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 2018.x, 2019.x, ..., 2021.12 ... so there are many years, and many new features, between 10 and more current releases.

You may not have any option to upgrade your license and may need to purchase a monthly or annual subscription.

You just missed out or a promotional program Avid was running to allow users to update an expired renewal/support plan and get back on a current version. Avid currently only lets users with a current support plan renew that plan. There is no way to just "buy an upgrade" to a old perpetual license (well you could look for used licenses... but I strongly advise against that unless you really know what you are doing with buying/selling Pro Tools licenses). Users with a lapsed plan (or who never had a renewal plan) are supposed to move to a subscription. That promotional plan that did allow users to update old perpetual versions and get on a new annual support/update plant officially ended December 31st, you might try a dealer (pick somebody who really knows what they are talking about, like Vintage King) and see if there is any way they can get you what you just missed out on.

Otherwise a subscription may not be the worse thing if you need to be on the latest stuff, and it now includes the complete plugin bundle and Heat (as does a current update/support plan if indeed you could get one of those). You can also try out a free one month trial to see if you want to upgrade.

Oh and this thread has nothing to do with licensing, and is not even in the licensing section. In future please don't post like this onto the end of somebody else's unrelated thread that ends up making a mess of topics/threads here. Use the "New Thread" button in each forum section (yes sadly it a bit non-obvious but up near the top of each section) and create your own thread--unless there is something that covers exactly what you are after.
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