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I've been using a shield for a long time. Every so often we try it without to remember what it was like in the good-old-days, and I always go back to putting the shield up. Last time I pulled it was when I had one of the more controlled drummers I work with who plays a great kit mix, and even with him up we put the shield back up. Seems to be better for vocal mics, and even helps tighten up the kit mix in the house. It can also help with the first couple rows not getting blown away by cymbals.

We tracked a live CD project a few weeks ago, and one thing I did was try and be as intentional as possible with stage plot to keep vocalists who aren't as strong farther from the drums. It's not always something I can control, but when I can I try and keep softer singers away from backline and work with mic choice to find the best compromise between what works best for their voice and stage bleed.

Something else to try is to see if you can get the drummer to swap out his cymbals. Darker/heavier/thicker cymbals can take some of the edge off. The thinner ones that sustain for days and days can be a nightmare with a basher. I recently had a guy start using some bigger, darker ones that really got things under control.

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