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Default Re: Swapping Tracks with Forum Members??

That Kompose site is definatly not the same one I was talking about. It still looks pretty cool though. And works great for what we are talking about. On the one I saw, you could actualy record audio on their site. The web site was like multi track software. Pretty cool. I haven't had any luck finding it. I will keep trying though.

Rockdog... I love the song The Rover. Great Zep tune. I also have the same problem as you. Robert Plant is way outside my vocal range. Porbably the case for most people. I'm definatly down to work on some origional music. I'm more of an acoustic singer songwriter then a rock guitarist. But I would be hard pressed to say that I don't incorperate rock styles into almost all of my music. I mostly play acoustic and electric guitar and hammond organ. I can wing it on drums, bass and a few others. But mostly I'm a guitar/organ man. Let me know if you ever need anything down these lines.

I love to work with other musicians.

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