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Default Excellent analogue crossover

This is a fantastic analogue crossover by a company called TDM. The model number is 24CX2.

It is 2 channels and 2 way. The main use is for a stereo or PA system to crossover for a sub.

It is in close to perfect condition and has been modified and greatly improved.

An experienced audio tech pulled the power supply out of the box and this lowered the noise floor significantly … especially in channel 2.

Also when I purchased this I talked to the company and had them modify the crossover points to be 1/2 of what is listed on the controls. This is much better for 2-way crossover purposes because for some systems crossing over at 50 - 60hz is best.

These retail for $495 … asking $275 …

It lived in one studio with conditioned power. Unless you buy a Bryston which costs $1800 it is the best bang for the buck.

Serious buyers only please. =)

call 415-642-6341
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