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Default How to get this system working - please :-)


While clearing out some old machines I came across the following - but no ProTools Software

882 I/O Interface
NuBus Card - TDM Piggyback, Single Interface Master with computer and SCSI cables
NuBus Card - Dual TDM Piggyback with interconnect cable to the above
Both the above cards are dated 1993

The cards are currently mounted in a PowerMacintosh 8110/110. This is a NuBus machine machine with a Power PC 601 processor. The machine can run Mac OS 7.5 up to OS 9


Can this Pro Tools hardware be run on this PowerMac - I also have a Mac IIfx available
What Pro Tools Software do I need?
Where can I get this software?

I hope someone can advise as I would hate to see this equipment sitting there if it can be pressed into modest use.

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