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Default Re: EdiCue v3 released

Just released #EdiCue v3.4.2. This version includes the following updates:
  • Following fields are now exported in the clip names of AAF exports: 'Cue Status', 'BVox', 'Safety Only', and 'PDF Editable'.
  • New 'PDF Editable' column in the 'Cue List' window.
  • 'PDF Editable' fields are now imported and exported in 'All Fields' Text and Excel files.
  • Fix so correct font style is printed in PDFs if any italics styling (tags) are setup in Line field.
  • Fix to stop crash when band designer formula editor is opened and changes are made.
  • Tweak so initial display of main window shows controls in correct location on macOS Monterey.

To download the app installer, go to
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