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Default Re: EdiCue v3 released

Just released #EdiCue v3.4.0. This version includes the following updates:
  • New Filter controls on the 'General Settings' tab.
  • Updates to how PDF scripts are loaded into the Session Interface window.
  • Change to message displayed after an AAF is exported to show settings required in Pro Tools including fixes made in PT2021.3.
  • Fix for changes made in v3.3.0 so all fields in the Session Interface window are cleared when you get the data from a clip.
  • Added an 'Open Folder' button to the message displayed on completion of an export to reveal exported files in the Finder/Explorer.
  • Updates to allow non-English text to be entered into the ADR Reason list and Session Interface 'Cue Status' and 'New Reason' fields.
  • Custom Cue Numbers are now shown in the 'Cue Details' window when Pro Tools text files are loaded.
  • Added check while loading Pro Tools text files for '.dup' tracks that have no base cue track.
  • Fix in the 'Create Template AAF - Track Names' window so the list is compatible macOS dark mode.
  • Bug fix so a New Line tag at the start of the Line field is read.
  • While importing data from Excel files hidden tabs are now ignored.

To download the app installer, go to
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