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Default Re: Drum Miking with 002 and PTLE

The simplest thing to do is the get the 002Rack and a Presonus Digimax LT.
yep, that's exactly what i first bought in my opinion digimax lt colors the sound a little, but when recording a drum kit, it is a good thing (again, in my opinion). for more transparent sound (and built-in pre-converter dynamics control) you could buy the octopre by focusrite, which is by default an analog device but can be fitted with digital expansion later on. eight preamps should be enough for a drum kit, don't you think

i'd also recommend spending some for good mics. that's another story though, so i leave it out here. i just point out that the drum kit is a kit and should be treated as a whole, and not as a sum of all parts. if the kit sounds good with only overheads, then you can get a good overall sound, but if it sucks, or if overheads only capture cymbals, i would guess you're in a big trouble in mixing. in my opinion you cannot spend too much money for overhead mics, but then again, the most expensive mic is not necessarily the best mic for everything. experience comes from experimenting different mics, not from listening to me
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