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Default Help on Apogee/Lucid

hey there,
so i've been using the rosetta 48k for a long time for my 2-channel ad conversion. i finally bit and bought an aardsync II for my master word clock, and loved how it straightened up the sound and widened the image of my already recorded mixes. since you cant WC in on a rosetta, i decided to pick up a used lucid AD9624 and slave it externally to the aardsync II.

i used this setup for the first time last weekend and thought the tracking was going fairly smoothly. i started mixing and noticing i was having trouble getting a good sound out of everything. got a rough master put together and played it around compared to some of my older mixes with the rosetta/non-aardsync. these new mixes were the most lifeless-mid/mud heavy/dull things i think i've ever recorded.

my question is this...have you really noticed such a big difference in the apogee and lucid converters? do you think it's something else i'm doing wrong in the mix/master? i'm using all the same mics/pres/plugs/whatnots, i don't know why there's been such a dramatic shift in the wrong direction, AFTER plopping down some good dough to "upgrade" my AD chain.

thanks for your help.
Josh Wheeler
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