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Default Re: Audio Glitches with Midas Venice F32 and ProTools 10HD

Thanks albee1952!

My Specs:

System Details
Mac (2009) OS X 10.7.5.
2.66 GhZ quad
16 GB memory
ProTools HD10 10.3.10

1 - I never record with plugins. (I only add plugins when I'm mixing the tracks).
2 - Buffer is always set to 1024
3- See above.

I used to do the same type of recording (16 tracks of live recording) using the same computer but with a Digi003 rack+ and a focusrite octopre. Going to Protools 8 LE. Never, ever had this audio glitch.

Oh...and all the audio is and was (previous interface) being recorded to a Lace 1TB external drive.

The only thing that's changed is introducing the Midas Venice F32 as the interface, and getting a hardrive (internally mounted in the Mac tower) that contains ProTools 10HD.

What is the biggest mystery is that the glitches are random (or so it seems to be) and they do not show up in any of the wave forms but exist across every recorded channel during playback, at the same spot. Meaning, during playback, if there was a glitch sound at say, 1:20:21 of a 5 minutes song, the glitch will always be at 1:20:21.

Some of our tunes are 7-12 minutes long. During a song with that length, I usually experience 3-4 glitch points in that time frame. doesn't effect the audio being captured. That audio sounds accurate, except for the fact that their is this audible glitch that resides on all the recorded tracks. And it doesn't correlate with higher gain sections of the can happen during the quietest part of a song. (Ruling out digital clipping).

From my old method to the new, only two things changed. The interface used...Midas Venice F32, and the drive that houses the software. Everything else has stayed the same.

Oh, and we moved to a new house in July 2020, and the problem followed us. (So as to rule out any electrical discrepancies).

I've talked to two of my Protools friends who use the software for a living, and they are flummoxed. (I could import an example of the glitch if it would help). Can you do that within this forum?

Thanks for any guidance.

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