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Default Re: can not connect HUI

Windows 10 OS

thank you Jimmy and Dave for taking the time to respond. To Jimmy, yes I did the firmware update, no to hui mode first as 1) not listed in my templates/ modes
2) my understanding from Novation was that the HUI heartbeat was sent from pro tools and would only function as such once that heartbeat was received.
3) Yes i was using the correct emulators

Please correct me where I am wrong Jimmy but also please read further

To Dave, once i took away root power, boom, heartbeat received and HUI works flawlessly with the Impulse 49. It even, for reasons beyond me, still functions as a midi controller when I run Maschine as Instrument track plug in. Which is REALLY BLOWING MY MIND since the only way i could pull that off before was thru the midi setup menu, not peripherals. So thank you.

Having said all of that, it does seem odd to me that I STILL cant get the MK3 to act as a hui no matter what template I have configured on NI controller editor and active on MK3. Pro tools will not recognize it as a M Audio Keyboard or a HUI. Yes I am using the right emulators.

Nonetheless, I am longer letting it disrupt my work flow. If the members of this board are like myself, getting it to work is one thing. Knowing why it didn't work before is another thing entirely. For the moment I am inclined to believe it was the root power usb issue although I have no idea why. Jimmy, did you ever have an issue on root power usb?
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