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Default Re: Integrate NEVE 1073OPX in exisiting system

Originally Posted by c-arts View Post
Hi there!

We are considering integrating a NEVE 1073OPX into our existing system.

This currently looks like this:

We use the mic inputs of a TASCAM DM-4800 digital mixer.
From there we go with TDIF into two 192 digital interfaces.
From there we use HD-Native Thunderbolt into Pro Tools and TDIF back into the mixer.

What is your recommendation on how to best integrate a NEVE 1073OPX with digital card into the setup?

So that you can not only use the NEVE with its 8 mic inputs but also all other 192 digital interfaces.

New mixing console? Or a new digital interface in between?

Thanks a lot for your thoughts!
The digital interface for the Neve is Dante I think so the obvious choice of interface would be an MTRX or MTRX Studio to replace the 192s.
Dave Marsden
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