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Default Re: Virtual Instruments Sound Dropping out - PT8.05

Originally Posted by TOM@METRO View Post
What does RAM usage look like in device manager?
I will reload everything but usually I am not over 3.5gb.

On another note - I printed all of my VI's except an Ik multimedia flute. and i still had the problem. It drops all my sound on the system and I get this little 2k-4k pitched sine wave sound.

Now I am starting to think it is not related b/c I have made inactive Structure/Xpand/BFD.
When it came back this last time the sound was comming thru on a BUS'd Verb - TL Space. I removed the plugin and installed another from Waves I believe. I will see if that helps.

I am guessing that it is possible to have a sound card driver issue......however when I loose my session sound I save and exit the session and reload it and WHA-LA no problems........all functionality is back.
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