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Default Re: Track Input Monitoring Toggle?

Thanks jre, I had tried the Monitor I/O button, but not with the ctrl button, I think I probably tried everything else, typical! It's always right under your nose isn't it!

That makes sense about the highlighting now, re D-Control etc, I tried redefining the colour, but it won't let me do that either. If you had a D-Control, presumably the different sections would highlight in the different pre-defined colours, which would be very helpful I imaging.

I'm sure I saw on a Digi picture somewhere the channels on screen all lit up in blue, which I took to mean that this is what happens when they are on the C24, but I've discovered the ability in 7.3 to colourize the tracks globally, which is great, and suspect that it is this that I saw in the picture, not what I had thought which is that you could define a colour to apply to the whole track strip (x24) to indicate the banking on the C24.

Thanks for clearing that up.
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