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Default Track Input Monitoring Toggle?

Hi, getting my head around the C24 and loving it. What a great surface this thing is, pleased I got one.

I've got record arming down, but is there any way to toggle the track input monitoring button from the C24, I've looked in the manual and fiddled with various modifier combinations, searched on here, but nada.

Also, on the peripherals/ethernet controllers page, what is the purpose of the coloured boxes to the left of each field in the controller list? Is this to enable changing the highlighting colour of the track name which indicates it's up on the C24?

If so how do I change the colour for my C24, at the moment the highlighting is dark blue, on field #1, if I try to move it to field #2 it just reverts back to field #1?

I've looked for this too, to no avail.

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