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Default Re: 2021 Scorch still being updated??

I havent seen any response from a representative from avid on this site for a couple of years. I think they have had our money and this product is now dead and at some time it will stop working like so many other apps when apple update ios In the future.

Within sibelius the normal scorch has been dropped With the idea of some other publishing format but i dont know where that has got as ive given up on the sibelius forum.

the only beta for ios scorch have been to check compatibility with the latest sibelius format and that was 2018.4.

I have given up, its still buggy for me and i have too many scores in it to make it usable so i made the switch to forScore years ago and just monitor this site occasionally when im board. While Its a pain having to export scores as pdf and not have the playback option but forScore is very feature rich and is stll being supported and developed.
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