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Default Re: How to monitor cues via xmon?

Originally Posted by midafari View Post
I have 2 x 192 I/O and a D Command with the Xmon interface. I am trying to monitor the cue but get nothing. I see the meters jumping on the correct outputs, but no audio?
I do not think it is a cable issue. I can monitor the main "c1 mn" via the cue output, but not the cue itself.
Example: I am sending signal to the output 3/4 of my second 192 I/O, I see meters jumping. I have the output of that 192 patched into the "cue input" of the xmon but it does not seem to be getting to the Xmon unit

Any Ideas?
I have the same problem, I can only monitor the Main Mn at the output of CUE1 but I can not monitor the CUE1 as the original signal. Could someone solve the problem?
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