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Default Re: Multi Band Compressor MC2000

Howdy Bill,

To be certain, the MC2000 comp sections are straight from a CB1 configuration of CompressorBank (mono or stero as needed), and have all the same controls (including Knee, Bite, Release2, etc.). The crossover sections use the same dsp algorithms as FilterBank's filters.

Regarding whether the MC2000 could replace CB (short for CompressorBank) - they're different in important ways.

1) CB has a CB2 config - prefiltering the key signal with low/high/band-pass filters, or a single parametric EQ section. The filters and param-EQ have adjustable Q - so you can create resonance filtering effects, and place them in line with the compressor. Sure the MC2000 has a dedicated prefiltering system - its crossovers - but not with a Q control. The MC2000 has no paramEQ facilities.

2) CB has a CB3 config - a CB2 + a post parametric EQ. The gain on this postEQ can be fixed or dynamically change from 0 dB to the selected gain (+/-) based on the amount of signal above the compressor threshold - tracked by the attack and release controls. This is great for de-essing (can do that with the pre-filter CB2 config as well), harmonic distortion, signal enhancement, and other effects. Many comps, like the LA3A, have such a circuit that is engaged to prevent super compressed signals from sounding too dull.

3) The MC2000 is more processing intensive - so even though some effects, like de-essing, can be done with the MC2000, you have at least two compressors operating on the signal (two band config) - so twice the processing power is needed. Maybe you TDM folks are ok with that - but 001 RTAS users take note - we benchmarked the MC2000 on a G3/300 - could run 2 ok, 3 was really pushing it - sluggish metering, etc. CB can do up to 25 mono CB1 configs on the same machine.

Hope that answers some questions - thanks for checking out the demos! Obviously I'd like you to buy all our products, but I understand the budget thing!

Colin McDowell

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