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Default Re: How to monitor cues via xmon?

couple of thoughts :

When you say you can monitor the main output but not the respective cues themselves, can you explain a bit more in detail ?

Where do you monitor the cue ? On the headphone out of the controller or through a headphone amp or speaker setup coming off the Cue outs on the Xmon ?

If you want to monitor them on the headphone out of the controller you have to tell the headphone to do that. When you touch the Headphone volume controller knob you can do that by selecting the cue you want to listen to.

of course the Cue itself needs to be set to monitor the actual cue input or the main inputs.

It sounds like your wiring setup is correct.

Sorry if this sounds obvious but I'm not sure how well you know the system.

The cue level controls are switched on right ?

I would start by listening to the headphones on the controller making sure they are selected properly for what you want to hear or / and hook up a set of speakers to the Cue outs on the Xmon. The wiring diagram is in the manual and is pretty straight forward

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