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Default Re: Connecting 192's and PRE's to Xmon

I have 0 experience with the D command but I imagine it goes something like this.

PRE db25, to ,DB25 on the 192analog in. Do that until all your PRE outputs are plugged in your 192 inputs .When your finished there should be no analog or DB25 inputs left over. Once on the 8ins/16outs interface then twice on the i16ins/8out
The back of the digi pre will have a DB25 connection. Simply connect that to the 192 analog DB25 inputs. 1 on the first then 2 on the second.

Assuming there is not a audio output directly from the D Command, Connect 1 DB25 from the 192 out puts to which ever way you want to get your signal in.
There is stereo inputs on the XMON on DB25 cable but there are also other choices to.
They all use DB25 to DB25.
Just like everything else.

Im assuming you will want to use the midi gain feature on the DIGI PREs
I think you will have to buy a Digidesign midi i/o for that.
I don't know if just a motu will work or not. There might be midi on the rear of the D Command but I doubt it.

I don't think you can break anything but you monitors if they are too loud so turn them down and give it a try.

You probably know how to do that as well as me and your just asking for a more experienced reply so I apologize for saying the obvious. But if you just won the lottery and have never used any quality gear before this might help. My instructions are really only stating the obvious. Sorry if I couldn't be of more assistance.

When I get new equipment the manual lives on my control surface until I can do everything I want to do with it.. It gives me a reason to study it cover to cover so I can get it off my mixer and not have to look at it.
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