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Default Re: Scorch doesn't work with Safari 5.1. Confirmed by Sibelius!

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the update. I noticed the change today on the download page. I use Scorch on both the iPad and on the web in Firefox now. I thought posting here would help users like myself. Apologies. Scorch is great as a teaching aid for some of my pupils who have access to the web, but don't own an iPad. I am thinking about publishing an ebook in the EPUB format sometime in the future. Just a thought, but would it be possible to embed Scorch and the corresponding Sibelius file somehow. I am going to use InDesign CS5 to lay out the ebook and publish it in the EPUB format. I would like to embed audio to complement my notation, and I guess it's possible to embed an mp3 file. The Scorch approach would be more elegant and probably save on space, but I'm only guessing.

Eric Lovat
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