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Default Re: LTC problem on MIX+ deck laybacks?

Thanks for everyone's replies. Really quickly:

1) I have the same problem with Analog or AES laybacks
2) Tried clocking off the DVCAM AES out--no luck
3) Time Code frame rates do match up
4) In Session Setup, for "Clock Source"--all I can select is "Internal" or "AES/EBU". Should I be able to see "USD" or something else? I do have the USD selected on the Digiserial Port in the Peripherals/Sync tab. In Session Setup--I can also select all of the "Clock Reference" options for the USD. When I select Video Reference, both the "Locked" and "Speed Cal" lights are solid--so that's good.

5) When I say the meters stop working and the TC readout is choppy, I'm referring to PT. The decks behave fine. I know the meters not playing while doing a layback is often a sign of bad TC or Clock sync.

**Update--I did just try to do a DVCAM layback by selecting "Use Serial Time Code for Positional Reference" and it seemed to do it fine with having to use Jam Sync. What is everyone using for their laybacks to decks--analog LTC or Serial TC through the RS-422 connections? I've always used analog LTC in the past.
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